What is Prim&Rose?


What we do:

Prim&Rose gathers people from the community to create  beautiful dining experiences called #foodfights. We utilize these partnerships to reach out and raise funds for The Jonah Project, a local community project that supports children at risk of and/or who are or have been victims of sex trafficking. 



We do this by:

Community Outreach: Prim&Rose will be found at as many local events as possible either talking with members of the community or participating in fairs and markets. We also reach out via local and social media markets.

Product line: Prim&Rose also carries and sells a number of lifestyle products and swag to support our investment in #foodfights.

Custom Design: Prim&Rose is available for design commissions and partnership.

Donation: Your donations are used 100% to build #FOODFIGHTS and gather members of our community together to create awareness and support for victims of sex trafficking and those who are at risk of entering the sex trafficking industry.